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In 2020, I produced this documentary in collaboration with the artist Adrian Ennis. It explores what it means to belong in America through the stories of diverse individuals from across the country.
A podcast appearance from 2023 where I speak with Paris Vega about my experience as an educational entrepreneur and the importance of opening yourself up to serendipity.
OFFICIALSELECTION-GreenMountainInternationalFilmFestival-2023 (2).png
Laurel AWARDNOMINEE-GreenMountainInternationalFilmFestival-2023.png
While shooting the documentary "Amongst the Crowd" in Kansas, Adrian Ennis and I created this short film in 36 hours for the Madrid Film Festival which didn't ultimately accept it. In 2023, it was accepted into the Green Mountain International Film Festival and I received a Best Screenwriting nomination.
From the 2019 album "Mundane", this video was shot and edited by Alex Weber. The song features my long-time collaborator Ryan "Pensive" Pierson and mixes comedy and critique to create a theme song for one of life's most mundane activities.
Community builder and entrepreneur Patricia Rattray invited me to have a conversation about social capital, the role it has played in my journey, and the importance of understanding and developing it.
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