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"Letters to America"

"Letters to America" is a multi-media event series centered around sharing the critical and celebratory work of LoKi The Nameless. Participants are encouraged to write their own letter to America and share if they feel moved to.

Malakah Williams sharing her letter to America.

Speaking Events

As a speaker, Liam combines the energy of their musical performances with the eloquence of their writing and the insight of their educational perspective. Liam is known for speaking to the importance of service, overcoming struggles of mental health and addiction, the optimal state of being known as Flow, understanding power, the beauty of diversity, and finding purpose and a unique path in life. 


A selfie after a presentation to Quinebaug Middle College in CT


The milkhaus is an annual art festival in its 8th year that brings together creatives across mediums and backgrounds from around the Northeast. Each year LoKi shares a Rhymebow, a full performance of an album or something unexpected like a collective sing along.

A snippet of a performance at milkhaus 7 in 2019


LoKi The Nameless is a seasoned performer in both poetry spaces and music venues bringing unparalleled energy and dynamism.

A snippet of a performance in New Haven, CT in 2019


After creating 24 songs in 24 hours on their 25th birthday, each documenting a year of their life, Liam created a choreographed performance of the entire project which ran for 4 nights in Burlington, VT at the Off-Center for the Performing Arts.

A playlist for the 24 project


Professionally, Liam is known as an expert facilitator, with almost a decade of running workshops and community gatherings. From the "Flower Process" - a self-reflection and community building exercise that celebrates diversity and unity - to "Time to Rhyme" - a workshop for those curious about the history of the rhyming, the way it chemically rewards our brains, and its rapid evolution through rap - Liam creates unique and engaging experiences that transform participants.


Participants practicing rhyme identification at "Time to Rhyme"

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