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The Foundations of Power

The Foundations of Power is a game-based program focused on Health, Finance, and Civics that facilitates the coming of age process. It provides participants with a framework to understand and develop their power personally and collectively. Foundations blends personal development with collaborative problem solving and community building in a way that adapts to those playing. Using game design to establish healthy practices, civic engagement, and financial literacy, the Foundations of Power facilitates fun learning experiences intended to further equity and sustainability.

The Foundations of Power includes:

20+ Projects & Badges       Resource Library       Problem-Solving Frameworks 

For Schools

For Communities

Incubated at Workspace Education, the program is structured for an hour-long advisory period or an after-school experience and can be played daily by middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students. Featuring an array of projects and frameworks to teach healthy habit development, restorative practices, and effective problem solving, The Foundations provides a place to belong and become a changemaker. 

At the core of oK's work is the public meeting: where people can come together in a safe space, support each other and work to better their communities. The Foundations of Power provides communities with a clear solution to division, hopelessness, and inequity through connection, joy, and resources for practical and intangible empowerment. The Foundations can be adopted by individuals who want to facilitate the program in their community or by organizations striving to empower those they work with.


One-time 10hr Implementation cost: $500


Natalie D. - 13

"oK has been my favorite part of school since I joined. It's fun but we also learn more then we do in most classes. My favorite part is we get to be in charge and change the rules so they work for the group."

Holly B. - 25

"Since I first joined, it has been one of the most important things in my life. Our mission of finding your purpose and realizing your power, not all on your own but with the support of those around you, those who love something I believe in more than anything. Everything this group has brought into my life is difficult to sum up, but the two things I know and will always carry with me is that I am not alone, and I am oK."

Nate L. - 16

"It's like a sandbox where you can do whatever you want. Sky's the limit. Whatever you’re most passionate about, you can incorporate it. And having the daily practices was really helpful - starting the day with exercise and having some time for mindfulness before other classes is awesome."

Eric W. - 24

"I actively participated in weekly group sessions with oK while in college, where we'd examine our past, present, and future.  oK offered me the most lucid insights I've had about myself and my community.  I'd recommend oK to anyone looking to understand who they are and see with more clarity where they are headed."

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