oK @ Workspace


oK @ Workspace is an advisory program in Bethel, Connecticut for 13-18 year-olds focused on Health, Financial Literacy, Civics, and Community.


It is designed to help youth develop an idea of who they are,

whom they want to be and how they can change the world. 

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Power - a simple overview of what power is, its importance and how to develop it.

Flower - this is an exercise designed to develop your self-awareness, build relationships and reflect on your growth over time.


Daily Practices - a complete morning and evening practice, distilled from research and including a guide to develop your own. 

Partner Program - a system of support that helps individuals work together to achieve goals.

Personal Coaching - 1-on-1coaching to help people realize their potential, establish practices that develop it, and work through challenges.


Holly B. - 25

Since I first joined, it has been one of the most important things in my life. The people of oK are kind, beautiful souls, who inspire me to be better. Our mission of finding your purpose and realizing your power, not all on your own but with the support of those around you, those who love you...is something I believe in more than anything. Everything this group has brought into my life is difficult to sum up, but the two things I know and will always carry with me is that I am not alone, and I am oK. 

Eric WS. - 24

I actively participated in weekly group sessions with oK while in college, where we'd examine our past, present, and future. I also did 1-on-1 sessions with Liam, the founder of oK, who brings a calming energy to every meeting.  oK offered me the most lucid insights I've had about myself and my community.  I'd recommend oK to anyone looking to understand who they are and see with more clarity where they are headed.