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Find Your Purpose  ~  Develop Healthy Habits  ~  Create Your Future

As I was facilitating groups focused on creating positive change in their lives and a difference in their community, people began requesting 1-on-1 time to do this in a more focused, private setting. As a result, I created a coaching system to help people understand and develop their power and face the challenges that life presents them.

The primary goal with coaching is to provide you with a safe and calming space to reflect, problem-solve, and set intentions. Every coaching experience is tailored to the individual's needs using this framework as a starting point:

  1. Reflect On Who You Are  

  2. Consider Whom You Want To Be

  3. Create A Strategy For Your Future

  4. Create The Practices That Will Get You There

  5. Address The Challenges You Experience

  6. Check-In And Adjust Your Approach


Your Coach

Liam Corcoran is the founder of oK and creator of the coaching system. He has been coaching teens and adults since 2014. Liam is the human in the picture, not the dog, but he does love dogs and all other animals for that matter. Liam's coaching style is calming and invigorating at the same time, alternating between asking the right questions, actively helping you design your life, and giving you the space you need to feel your way forward. Liam is a native of Vermont, and so a lover of nature, an artist, and a nerd when it comes to understanding how our unique mix of genetics and experiences makes us who we are and how our choices can determine whom we become.

Natalie - 13

Liam was possibly the best teacher ever. I had a lot of fun in his class and loved meeting one-on-one with him.

Nate - 16

Liam provided all the tools for me to succeed....I think other people would blossom not only in their academics but with their maturity and life skills.

Kyle - 17

I really enjoyed the one-on-one meetings with Liam, they helped me learn a lot about myself and the impact I have on the world.

Eric - 24

I actively participated in weekly group sessions with oK while in college, where we'd examine our past, present, and future. I also did 1-on-1 sessions with Liam, the founder of oK, who brings a calming energy to every meeting.  oK offered me the most lucid insights I've had about myself and my community.  I'd recommend oK to anyone looking to understand who they are and see with more clarity where they are headed.

Christopher - 13

I had a really good time and I feel like I had another friend.

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