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Founded in 2013, oK began as a research and design project focused on how to solve inequity and realize our full potential as a species. The initial intent was to create a website for inspirational content, mentee/mentor relationships, and guidance for those looking to unlock their potential. After exploring the idea, it became apparent that it was important to hold community meetings to understand the problems I was trying to solve more deeply. These became weekly meetings to reflect, plan, talk through our problems, develop practices, and do exercises that deepened our relationships. These meetings spawned workshops, presentations, and one-on-one coaching and emphasized an understanding of Flow - the optimal state of being.

As the community meetings evolved, clear needs evolved: connection, wealth, and health. This led me to start developing practices that led to healthy relationships, civic engagement, activism, financial literacy, micro-financing, and further refinement of mental and physical habits.

This process of researching, ideating, designing, testing, and revising frameworks for empowerment has come full circle with the development of The Foundations of Power: an adaptable game, that can be used in schools and by individuals in their communities, as a tool for personal and collective evolution.


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